The best solution for cutting a variety of ferrous and non-ferrous materials. These saws suit all cutting, economic or high production needs for any model of machine.
Intenss PRO

Intenss PRO bi-metal blades are ideal for high-production cutting. The positive rake angle and variable pitch provide excellent cutting efficiency, easy penetration, and a quality surface finish. For steels up to HRc 45, tool and stainless steels and nickel based and non-ferrous alloys.

Intenss PRO-DIE

Intenss PRO-DIE band saw blades have bi-metal unique saw technology, triple tempered M-42 cobalt HSS teeth combined with alloy steel backing strip for heat, abrasion and shock resistance. Ideal for tool, die and mold steels, stainless and nickel based and non-ferrous alloys.

Intenss PRO-VTH

Intenss PRO-VTH is a high performance bi-metal blade with a unique tooth edge. Its triple tempered and M-42 cobalt ground HSS teeth have variable height and set that allows the blade to cut with a fast, pulsating action. Ideal for production cutting of exotic and nickel based alloys.

Versatix MP

Versatix MP is a bi-metal blade of triple-tempered, high-speed M-42 cobalt steel teeth with alloy steel backing strip. It has a patented tooth design that dissipates stress during cutting for less tooth breakage and longer blade life. They are ideal for sawing structurals, tubes and small solids.

Powerband M-42

Bi–metal blade with M42 high speed steel cutting edge welded to a fatigue resistant alloy steel backing. Resists heat, abrasion and shock for faster cutting rates over a wide range of materials. Powerband M42 is for contour and general purpose cutting, ideal for toolrooms and maintenance shops.


Univerz Portaband portable band saw blades feature the Starrett bi-metal unique® technology. The blades are pre-welded, ready-to-use and available in lengths that fit all the popular portable band saw machines.

Woodpecker PRO

Starrett's Woodpecker PRO Bi-Metal saws are manufactured from M42 high speed steel containing 8% Cobalt. The Woodpecker PRO is specifically designed for all types of hard wood.


The Primalloy Saw is designed for heavy-duty cutting applications. The cutting performance of the high-speed steel is greatly increased through alloying with cobalt and vanadium. These alloying elements substantially increase the heat resistance as well as the wear resistance.