708BZ W/SLC Dial Test Indicator with Standard Letter of Certification 66874

The Starrett 708 Dial Test Indicator with Dovetail Mount offers an easy to read angled head and the flexibility of three dovetail mounts.

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  • Angled head for better reading position
  • Three dovetail positioning moutns work with existing test indicator accessories
  • Large 1-3/8" (35mm) dial diameter
  • Precision gear-driven design with smooth, jeweled movement
  • Available with easy-to-read, white dial
  • Narrow body for inreach ability
  • Contact point reverses automatically, always maintaining clockwise hand rotation
  • Satin chrome finish for durability
  • Contacts are frictionally adjustable and replaceable
  • .0001" graduation, .020" range, 0-5-0 dial reading and carbide contact point of 13/16" (20mm) length and .078" (2mm) ball diameter, with attachments.
  • Narrow body for inreach ability
  • Satin chrome finish for durability
  • Large 1-3/8" (35mm) dial diameter
  • Include long carbide contacts 13/16" (20mm)


  • Range (in): .020"
  • Graduations (in): .0001"
  • Dial Reading: 0-5-0
  • Attachments: Without Attachments
  • Contact Point Ball Diameter (in): .078" (2mm)
  • Contact Point Length (in): 13/16"
  • Contact Point Length (mm): 20mm
  • Dial Color: White

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