98Z-12 W/SLC Machinis't Level with Ground and Graduated Vial in Wood Case with Standard Letter Of Certification and Wood Case 66933

Machinists' Levels with Ground and Graduated Vials feature a cross test vial that is adjustable to a positive setting and with the ability to simultaneously level in both directions, preventing inaccuracies in the main vial reading caused by canting the level sidewise on round work. Level is 12" (300mm) in size with single plumb vial and cross test vial with standard letter of certification in a finished wood case.

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  • Ground and graduated main vials
  • The base of the levels features an involute groove running the length of the base, which provides a reliable seat for round work
  • Housed in a satin finished brass tube with friction-fit closing ocver to prevent breakage
  • Cross test vial
  • The vials are adjustable to a positive setting and are housed in a satin finished brass tube with a friction-fit closing cover to prevent breakage
  • Main level vials have graduations that are approximately 80-90 seconds or .005" per foot (0.42mm per meter)
  • Includes standard letter of certification
  • Wood case


  • Length (in): 12"
  • Length (mm): 300mm

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