K143-12 PVC Saw with Blade, 12"(300mm) Length, Hardened Plastic Handle 01167

The Starrett K143-12 12" (300mm) PVC Saw is used for cutting a wide variety of PVC and ABS materials. Also used for cutting plasterboard, plywood and general-purpose cutting.

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  • Shipped with 12" (300mm) length blade.
  • 12" / 300mm
  • Replacement blades: PVC-12 12" replacement blade or PVC-18 18" replacement blade.


  • Blade Length (mm): 300mm
  • Blade Length (in): 12 in.


  • PVC-18 (66188)
    Replacement Blade For K148-18 and 148-18 PVC Saws, 18" (450mm) Length
  • PVC-12 (66187)
    Replacement Blade For K148-12 and 148-12 PVC Saws, 12" (300mm) Length

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