S117PC Center Punch with Round Shank Set 50488

The Starrett 117 Center Punch is made of specially selected steel, hardened and properly tempered. It is well proportioned, nicely finished and has a knurled finger grip. The point is ground at the proper angle to give maximum service, and the tip is accurately centered. SET, Nos. 117AA, A, B, C, D in Plastic Case

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  • Precision Centered Tips for Accuracy
  • Knurled Grip for secure holding
  • The points are ground at the proper angle to give maximum service
  • Hardened and Tempered
  • Made of specially selected steel
  • Plastic Case


  • Material: Steel
  • Set Quantity: 5
  • Sizes Included: 1/16",5/64",3/32",1/8",5/32"

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